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Dunk! festival 2012


Vrijdag 6 april: Pelican, This Will Destroy You, Omega Massif, Mosquito, Stories From The Lost

Zaterdag 7 april: Steak Number Eight, If These Trees Could Talk, Beware Of Safety, Vessels, The Allstar Project, Lento, Kasan, Alright The Captain, The Beauty The World Makes Us Hope For

Zondag 8 april: 65daysofstatic, Sleepmakeswaves, Atlantis, The Samuel Jackson Five, Late Night Venture, Sky Architects, Terraformer, My Empty Phantom, San Diablo

Tickets: Combi: 75 euro, dagkaart: 35 euro

Camping: aanwezig

Locatie: fuifzaal bevegemse vijvers

Site: www.dunkfestival.be

Tijdschema: hier


zijn 75 euro ipv 70 euro groeten. Erik

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