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CD recensies

The Whocares - Now In Full Stereo

Artiest: The Whocares

Album: Now In Full Stereo

Genre: (Punk) Rock 'n Roll

Label: Give Me Gold Records

Score: 69/100

Anti-Mortem - New Southern

Artiest: Anti-Mortem

Album: New Southern

Genre: Heavy Metal

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Score: 70/100

Arkona - Yav

Artiest: Arkona

Album: Yav

Genre: Pagan/Folk Metal

Label: Napalm Records

Score: 88/100

Edguy - Space Police - Defenders of the Crown

Artiest: Edguy

Album: Space Police - Defenders of the Crown

Genre: Heavy metal

Label: Nuclear Blast

Score: 86/100

Backtrack - Lost In Life

Artiest: Backtrack

Album: Lost In Life

Genre: Hardcore 

Label: Bridge Nine Records

Score: 95/100

Triptykon - Melana Chasmata

Artiest: Triptykon

Album: Melana Chasmata

Genre: Doom / black / death / gothic metal

Label: Century Media Records

Score: 91/100

Get The Shot - Perdition

Artiest: Get The Shot

Album: Perdition

Genre: Hardcore / Punk

Label: Demons Ruk Amok Entertainment

Score: 98/100

Taking Back Sunday - Happiness Is

Artiest: Taking Back Sunday

Album: Happiness Is

Genre: Rock

Label: Hopeless Records

Score: 85/100

Relief In Sleep - Relief In Sleep

Artiest: Relief In Sleep

Album: Relief In Sleep

Genre: Hard Rock / Ambient

Label: Imminence Records

Score: 45/100

This Kid - Stitches

Artiest: This Kid

Album: Stitches (EP)

Genre: Punchy metal

Label: Eigen beheer

Score: 76/100


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