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Guttermouth - Got it made

Artiest: Guttermouth

Album: Got It Made

Genre: Punkrock

Label: Rude records

Score: 68/100

Stitched Up Heart - Never Alone

Artiest: Stitched Up Heart

Album: Never Alone

Genre: Rock

Label: Another Century

Score: 80/100

Dawn Of Disease - Worship The Grave

Artiest: Dawn Of Disease

Album: Worship The Grave

Genre: Death metal

Label: Napalm Records

Score: 83/100

Wolf Hoffmann - Headbangers Symphony

Artiest: Wolf Hoffmann

Album: Headbangers Symphony

Genre: Metal

Label: Nuclear Blast

Score: 87/100

Useless ID - State is burning

Artiest: Useless ID

Album: State is burning

Genre: Punkrock

Label: Fat Wreck Chords

Score: 95/100

WildHeart - WildHeart

Artiest: Wildheart

Album: Wildheart

Genre: Glam Metal / Hair Metal

Label: eigen beheer

Score: 72/100

Elvenking - The Night of Nights Live

Artiest: Elvenking

Album: The Night of Nights Live

Genre: Folk/power metal

Label: AFM Records

Score: 72/100

Rage - The Devil Strikes Again

Artiest: Rage

Album: The Devil Strikes Again

Genre: Heavy Metal

Label: Nuclear Blast

Score: 75/100

Be'Lakor - Vessels

Artiest: Be'Lakor

Album: Vessels

Genre: Melodic / Progressive death metal

Label: Napalm Records

Score: 80/100

Cocaine Piss - Cosmic Bullshit

Artiest: Cocaine Piss

Album: Cosmic Bullshit EP

Genre: Female fronted punk

Label: Hypertension Records

Score: 61/100


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