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Oceans Ate Alaska - Lost Isles

Artiest: Oceans Ate Alaska

Album: Lost Isles

Genre: Progressive / Metalcore

Label: Fearless Records

Score: 90/100

Nasty - Shokka

Artiest: Nasty

Album: Shokka

Genre: Hardcore

Label: Beatdown Hardwear Records

Score: 98/100

The Vintage Caravan - Arrivals

Artiest: The Vintage Caravan

Album: Arrivals

Genre: Rock

Label: Nuclear Blast

Score: 51/100

Ethernity - Obscure Illusions

Artiest: Ethernity

Album: Obscure Illusions

Genre: Progressive power metal

Label: eigen beheer

Score: 85/100

John Coffey - The Great News

Artiest: John Coffey

Album: The Great News

Genre: Rock

Label: Edel

Score: 86/100

Rotting Out - Reckoning

Artiest: Rotting Out

Album: Reckoning

Genre: Punk / Hardcore

Label: Pure Noise Records

Score: 90/100

Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts - Blaster

Artiest: Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts

Album: Blaster

Genre: Rock

Label: Edel

Score: 70/100

Zodiac - Road Tapes Vol. 1

Artiest: Zodiac

Album: Road Tapes Vol. 1

Genre: Heavyrock / Bluesrock / Classicrock

Label: Napalm Records

Score: 82/100

Amber Sea - Infantile Vision

Artiest: Amber Sea

Album: Infantile Vision

Genre: Progressive metal

Label: Famined Records

Score: 80/100

As Mercy Comes - Prison

Artiest: As Mercy Comes

Album: Prison

Genre: Metal / Hardcore

Label: This Is Core Records

Score: 70/100


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