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CD recensies

Lord Dying - Poisoned Altars

Artiest: Lord Dying

Album: Poisoned Altars

Genre: Sludge Metal

Label: Relapse Records

Score: 82/100

The Midnight Ghost Train - Cold Was The Ground

Artiest: The Midnight Ghost Train

Album: Cold Was The Ground

Genre: Rock / Blues

Label: Napalm Records

Score: 55/100

Unleash The Archers - Time Stands Still

Artiest: Unleash The Archers

Album: Time Stands Still

Genre: Heavy Metal

Label: Napalm Records

Score: 72/100

Glowsun - Beyond the Wall of Time

Artiest: Glowsun

Album: Beyond the Wall of Time

Genre: Psychedelic / Stoner / Rock

Label: Napalm Records

Score: 85/100

Lost Souls Carnival - Collection Of Carefully Selected

Artiest: Lost Souls Carnival

Album: Collection Of Carefully Selected

Genre: Bluesrock

Label: eigen beheer

Score: 80/100

Mumford & Sons - Wilder Mind

Artiest: Mumford & Sons

Album: Wilder Mind

Genre: Alternative

Label: V2 Records

Score: 45/100

Like Pacific - Like Pacific

Artiest: Like Pacific

Album: Like Pacific

Genre: Pop-punk

Label: Pure Noise Records 

Score: 60/100

Art Of Anarchy - Art Of Anarchy

Artiest: Art Of Anarchy

Album: Art Of Anarchy

Genre: Rock

Label: Another Century

Score: 82/100

King Hiss - Sadlands

Artiest: King Hiss

Album: Sadlands

Genre: Rock / Stonerrock / Metal

Label: Eigen beheer

Score: 90/100

Paradise Lost - The Plague Within

Artiest: Paradise Lost

Album: The Plague Within

Genre: Doom metal

Label: Century Media Records

Score: 71/100


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