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CD recensies

Dez Mona - Origin

Artiest: Dez Mona

Album: Origin

Genre: Jazz / Gospel / Traditional

Label: Caroline

Score: 88/100

Like A Storm - Awaken The Fire

Artiest: Like A Storm

Album: Awaken The Fire

Genre: Hard rock

Label: Another Century

Score: 85/100

Gus G.- Brand New Revolution

Artiest: Gus G.

Album: Brand New Revolution

Genre: Metal

Label: Century Media Records

Score: 85/100

Helloween - My God-Given Right

Artiest: Helloween

Album: My God-Given Right

Genre: Heavy metal

Label: Nuclear Blast

Score: 80/100

Blood Youth - Inside My Head

Artiest: Blood Youth

Album: Inside My Head

Genre: Melodische hardcore

Label: Rude Records

Score: 95/100

The Flatliners - Division of Spoils

Artiest: The Flatliners

Album: Division of Spoils

Genre: Punkrock

Label: Fat Wreck Chords

Score: 70/100

Heaven's Gate - Best For Sale!

Artiest: Heaven's Gate

Album: Best For Sale!

Genre: Melodic power metal

Label: Limb Music

Score: 80/100

Disturbed - Immortalized

Artiest: Disturbed

Album: Immortalized

Genre: Nü-metal

Label: Reprise

Score: 90/100

Public Image Ltd (P.I.L.) - What the world needs

Artiest: Public Image Ltd (P.I.L.)

Album: What The World Needs

Genre: Postpunk

Label: P.I.L Official

Score: 94/100

Set In Motion - Like Sand Through Our Fingers

Artiest: Set In Motion

Album: Like Sand Through Our Fingers

Genre: Metal / Rock / Alternative / Contemporary Post-Hardcore

Label: This Is Core

Score: 50/100


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