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Alt-j - This Is All Yours

Artiest: Alt-j

Album: This Is All Yours

Genre: Indierock

Label: Infectious Music

Score: 60/100

BRNS - Patine

BRNS - PatineArtiest: BRNS

Album: Patine

Genre: Rock/Indie

Label: Louis Records / PIAS

Score: 84/100

Jaded Heart - Fight The System

Jaded Heart - Fight The System Artiest: Jaded Heart

Album: Fight The System

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal

Label: Fastball

Score: 84/100

Vauxdvihl - To Dimension Logic (Extended Version)

Vauxdvihl - To Dimension Logic (Extended Version)Artiest: Vauxdvihl

Album: To Dimension Logic (Extended Version)

Genre: Progressive Metal

Label: Century Media Records

Score: 66/100

Hide The Knives - Silence The Youth

Artiest: Hide The Knives

Album: Silence The Youth

Genre: Rock

Label: Gain Music

Score: 65/100

Diet - Palindrome

Diet - Palindrome Artiest: Diet

Album: Palindrome

Genre: Grunge / Indie / Alternative

Label: Imminence Records

Score: 55/100

Witchrider - Unmountable Stairs

Artiest: Witchrider

Album: Unmountable Stairs

Genre: Stoner / Occult Rock

Label: Fuzzorama Records

Score: 80/100

Bullet - Storm Of Blades

Bullet - Storm Of BladesArtiest: Bullet

Album: Storm Of Blades

Genre: Heavy Metal

Label: Nuclear Blast

Score: 73/100

Amaranthe - Massive Addictive

Amaranthe - Massive AddictiveArtiest: Amaranthe

Album: Massive Addictive

Genre: Modern metal

Label: Spinefarm Records

Score: 78/100

Decapitated - Blood Mantra

Decapitated - Blood Mantra Artiest: Decapitated

Album: Blood Mantra

Genre: Death metal

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Score: 81/100


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